I had the pleasure of speaking with Devin Miller of the Inventive Journey Podcast for Entrepreneurs about how businesses can leverage technology and why they should consider building technology to either make themselves more efficient or license the technology to others in the market.

Here are the highlights of the conversation:


How businesses can leverage technology but also why you should consider building technology (5:40)


How to make the decision of whether you should build a tech solution for yourself to give yourself a competitive advantage vs. build for the general market (10:00)


How do you spot the red flags if you're a non-technical person working with developers? (14:20)


How can non-techies evaluate if a developer is doing a good job or offering a reasonable quote to get the job done (16:35)


A good resource for people to start getting more tech literate (20:30)


How to deal with entrepreneurs adding new features to the project and constantly changing the project scope, which is frustrating for the developers (22:37)


How Agile development and project management allows you to catch mistakes earlier (26:28)


The one tips for non technical people trying to tackle technical projects (28:00)

Always be thinking: How can you minimize the mistake? What's the shortest path to accomplish what you want to do? What is the minimal that I can build?
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