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‘6 Qualities You Should Look For In A CTO’ on the Biz Bros Podcast

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Nelson and Eli Libby of the Biz Bros Podcast about the 6 qualities you should look for in a CTO, why you should earn a CTO, and tips where you can start looking for one.

Here are the highlights of the conversation:

  • The difference between a developer and a CTO (3:10)
  • Why a CTO should have a great network (4:50)
  • Communication is key (5:50)
  • The role of a CTO at different stages of the startup (7:30)
  • Titles as a marketing tool (9:15)
  • Demoting an early CTO that's not able to grow into the role (10:20)
  • Why you need to earn a CTO (12:05)
  • Tips for finding a CTO (16:05)
  • Other qualities of a CTO and do degrees matter in tech? (21:00)
  • Why cultural fit is so crucial (23:30)
  • Tips for CTOs to manage teams remotely (25:55)

Depending on the stage of your startup, you should be looking for different skillsets in a CTO