How to build an MVP without a technical co-founder

Yes, you can launch a tech startup without a technical co-founder!

In the early days of your startup it will be hard to attract a technical co-founder to build your app, but by knowing how to efficiently build of your MVP and get some traction, you can de-risk the opportunity for the tech person and change the conversation from "I Need You" to "Here's an Opportunity".

Join us for a FREE online masterclass, where Nelly Yusupova, CTO with 18 years experience, Startup Tech Advisor, and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, will teach you how you can make the shift from struggling to develop your MVP and feeling uncertain of what you should be doing to successfully building your MVP in the next 3-4 months so you can start getting traction for your product and attract a technical co-founder or CTO.

You will learn


Why it’s so hard to find a technical co-founder or CTO


A strategy for attracting a technical co-founder or CTO


How to define your MVPs properly to reduce the cost and time of development


How to see the red flags sooner and minimize mistakes


How not to get ripped off in the process

Nelly Yusupova, CTO

About The Host

Nelly Yusupova is a CTO, with over 18 years experience, leading companies to technical excellence. She is a start-up tech advisor, outsourced CTO, and the creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs.

Nelly is on a mission to help entrepreneurs minimize technology mistakes and through her online masterclass TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, she provides the roadmap to successfully manage technology teams and projects, without being technical or knowing how to code.

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Reserve your seat now and join me for the masterclass that will change the way you think about launching and running a tech startup.

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