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Manage projects
like a CTO

Learn to successfully manage technology teams and projects, even if you’re not technical, and cut your product development costs by up to 50%

Nelly Yusupova - Creator of Techspeak

Are you a non-tech entrepreneur with amazing idea for a software business


Who has had a hard time finding a technical co-founder or CTO to help you build the product


Who has had a hard time getting your team to deliver projects on time and on budget


Who has thought about learning how to code so you can build your own MVP, but deep down you know there is a more efficient and faster way to get your app idea built


Who has considered outsourcing development but are afraid of being ripped off and are wondering how to manage that process effectively


Who has had a fear about taking the leap and feel stuck because you don't know how to get started


Who has heard of Lean & Agile methodologies and are wondering how your current process can be optimized and make your team more efficient

Then register for a free class to learn how launch products on time and on budget

"TechSpeak would have saved my startup tens of thousands of dollars and more importantly 6 months had I attended it a year ago"

Frank White - TechSpeak attendee

Frank White

COO/CFO at CollegeFrog

"After 3 years in business, TechSpeak would have saved us close to half a million dollars in delays, development costs, and sleepless nights"

Eric Dosal

Co-Founder of BrightGauge Software

TechSpeak is a series of online learning programs with a signature training TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs Academy, developed by a seasoned CTO, Nelly Yusupova, where she teaches entrepreneurs the most efficient & effective way to manage development teams and projects…all based on time-tested strategies and methodologies that she uses every day, on every feature, on every project, with every developer.

Fast-paced, information filled programs will take you from apprehension and trepidation to energized and empowered. It will provide you with a roadmap to avoid costly technology mistakes and provide you with clarity, vision, and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies…fast-tracking your success and save you years of expensive trial and error.








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Nelly Yusupova, CTO, Startup Tech Advisor, creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs
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