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CARE is an initiative in Genmab.  The CARE Toolkit is being developed for wellbeing and to prevent, support and alleviate Stress & Burnout.

It is a Human Centric designed toolkit anchored in DE&I for equal access and availability.

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What stage is your product in?
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  • Pre Idea Stage
  • Idea Stage
  • Product Development
  • Growth Stage
  • I'm a consultant
When it comes to running a tech startup, what is your single fear, or frustration?
 Afraid of failing
Feeling like I don’t have necessary tech skills
Being taken advantage of by developers
Missing the opportunity...my project taking a lot longer than it should
Losing money to mistakes
 All of the above
None of the above
What type of team do you have or plan to have?
 In-house development team
 Outsourced development team
 Off-shore development team
 Combination of the above
What is your level of tech savvy?
 I’m tech savvy...I’ve got skills!
 I hope I have enough knowledge to get it right...I’d love to learn more
 Uh oh…now you’ve hit upon a sore spot – tech part is my biggest concern