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TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs-SV bootcamp recap
Event date: April 13 2013
Posted by: Webgrrls Staff
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Heads down intensity and full participation set the tone for TechSpeak Silicon Valley and round two of the TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs triple-play last weekend, April 13-14. "TechSpeak Silicon Valley had the right blend of know-how and ka-pow, said Claudine Woo, Entrepreneur"...TechSpeak NYC is on May 4-5.

"Best, most complete practical guide to building a startup I've ever heard. By Far. Bar None."
Joe Ruef, Serial Entrepreneur

Yes, it was a fast-paced and information-packed technology extravaganza, but, there was a great sense of resource sharing, support, and camaraderie at TechSpeak Silicon Valley and that made it a very special TechSpeak event. Coming on the heels of TechSpeak Phoenix, the Silicon Valley TechSpeak event was a continuation of the energy, interactivity, intensity and discovery.

"The best event I've attended in the Silicon Valley so far.  Nelly is extremely knowledgeable, covers all the core topics in a "to the point" fashion.  I feel a lot more confident after taking the class!"
Nina Zavrieva, co-founder

TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs is an intensive 2-day bootcamp created and presented by Nelly Yusupova (aka digitalwoman), the Webgrrls International CTO, Founder of DigitalWoman. We had attendees from as far away as Minnesota, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, and Seattle.

"I flew to Palo Alto for this, and it was worth at least 3x the money spent on the event plus the travel costs.  I am SO glad I followed my gut and came to this event." 
Monica Borrell founder of 

"I've taken courses similar to this one - by far this was the most organized and informational.  Nelly was a fantastic communicator and able to break down complex processes into easily digestible lesson plans."
Andrea Weir, COO & Founder GlobalTech

DAY 1 was a full on, information rich day of market/product viability, wireframing and prototyping, budgeting, and project management tips, tricks, and techniques.

Day 2 started with the Tech legal and Intellectual Property session and we had a great presentation by Soody Tronson, Founder at STLG Intellectual Property: Patents and Transactional Law covering Trade Secrets, incorporating, IP issues, contracts, shareholders agreements, Work for Hire issues and more...and then we moved onto hiring, company culture, user tracking, and infrastructure and scaling.

"Every non-developer founder of a technology driven startup needs to go through this 2-day bootcamp!  It helps you understand how to define, evaluate, measure, and manage all of the moving pieces necessary to effectively run your business."
Chinwe Onyeagoro, CEO/Co-Founder of FundWell

A great big thank you goes out to our Sponsor AOL and to our Media Partners Atelier Advisors, Astia, Empower Lounge, O'reilly, Silicon Valley Pad, NAWBO, ProjectEve, Chic CEO, YWSE, WLE, CoFoundersLab, BlogHer, Blackdog Promotions, Kred, SpringBoard, and Girl Develop It, Clever Girl Collective who helped make Silicon Valley TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs a great big success. 

We look forward to seeing you at the New York City TechSpeak on May 4-5.

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