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TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs bootcamp recap
Event date: April 05 2013
Posted by: Webgrrls Staff
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"Mindblowing! In a good way!" is how entrepreneur Annette McClellan describes her experience at TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs Phoenix and Richard Mueller, VP of Business Development at Widefield Technology, said, "TechSpeak is a fire-hose of information".

The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) served as host for the TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs first event of the Spring 2013 TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs triple-play in Phoenix, AZ. CEI, SBDC Arizona, and Traklight teamed up to help launch TechSpeak Phoenix.

In addition to the Phoenix entrepreneur community, there were entrepreneurs from Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, and even Canada in Phoenix learning the whole technology process in a fast paced, information-packed, 2-day intensive technology bootcamp. 

"This is a fantastic resource for tech entrepreneurs at ANY stage of development.  Unexpected, revolutionary, and empowering system to truly take control of the development process and ultimately save valuable time and money".
Mai Ling Chan, Founder of YappGuru

TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs is the 2-day intensive bootcamp created and presented by Nelly Yusupova (aka digitalwoman), the Webgrrls International CTO, Founder of DigitalWoman. TechSpeak Silicon Valley is this next weekend, April 13-14, and TechSpeak New York City will be held May 5-6.

"TechSpeak is a fire-hose of information and a comprehensive set of specific actions.  It set my business on a rapid course of success."
Rich Mueller, VP of Business Development at Widefield Technology

DAY 1 was an information-packed and tools-rich extravaganza of market/product viability, wireframing and prototyping, budgeting, and managing your projects effectively.

"Awesome job in covering all the ins and outs of technology development, deployment, and layman's terms".
Tammy Wilkins, Entrepreneur

On Day 2 the technology epic continued...we started the day with the Intellectual Property Protection session and had a great presentation by Juliet Peters, Founding Partner at Becker Peters, PLLC covering NDAs, IP issues, contracts, term sheets and more...and then we went right into hiring your developers, defining your company’s culture, user tracking and infrastructure and scaling.

"I finally had lingering questions answered.  This would have saved me tears, dollars, time!"
Mary Juetten, founder of

We want to send a great big thank you to our Sponsors CEI, SBDC Arizona, Traklight and Spotlight and to our Media Partners 85Broads Phoenix, GrowAZ, SeedSpot, NACET, NAWBO, ProjectEve, Chic CEO, YWSE, WLE, CoFoundersLab, BlogHer, Blackdog Promotions, Kred, SpringBoard, and Girl Develop It who helped make TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs the success that it was. We look forward to seeing you in either Silicon Valley this weekend or New York City on May 5-6...the other opportunities for "a whole lotta-learnin!"

"I can't imagine any other way that I could have gotten up to speed on this so quickly.  Nelly is amazing!"
Annette McClellan, Entrepreneur

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