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TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs bootcamp recap
Event date: September 20 2012
Posted by: Webgrrls Staff
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Whoosh! Intense, fast-paced, information packed, and "a whole lotta-learnin" best describes TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, the 2-day Intensive workshop created and presented by Nelly Yusupova (aka digitalwoman), the Webgrrls International CTO, Founder of DigitalWoman and NYC Webgrrls Chapter Leader. 

"I have already called my colleagues and let them know they need to attend TechSpeak. This is a must do program for any founder, any person interested in an entrepreneurial path and anyone interested in investing in early stage tech."
Deborah Jackson
Founder/CEO, Golden Seeds, Co-Founder Women Innovate Mobile Accelerator

Our first TechSpeak was held in New York City in heart of the financial district at the Club Quarters Hotel on September 20th and 21st. Entrepreneurs, founders and executives from a great mix of companies and six different states including: California, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and of course New York. They came ready to participate and put their companies on the technology fast track. Their companies were in many different stages of development, which made for an amazing and dynamic environment for learning, testing, and refining their vision, their ideas and their processes. There were budding entrepreneurs, early start-ups, and seasoned business executives learning tech. Nelly covered the tech topics from "soup-to-nuts and then some".

"Anyone considering a website business should begin by attending this seminar. It would have saved me thousands of dollars and an inordinate amount of time, frustration, and stress. It is truly invaluable."
Susan Wagner
President/Founding Partner,

Day 1 really set the tone, requiring everyone think through their customers, and how they would best serve them; test, test and re-test; learn and adjust; and fail early and fail cheap…"you often learn more from failures".  Nelly covered - customer development, working "lean" and agile development, launching with a minimum viable product (MVP), and how to wireframe & prototype your ideas.

Rounding out the day, we had a special presenter, Arina Shulga of Shulga Law Firm, P.C.. Arina gave an engaging, informative, and comprehensive presentation about safeguarding your Intellectual Property and other legal issues relating to:
  • Working with a technical co-founder
  • Working with developers who are independent contractors and outsourcing to companies
  • Working with developers who are employees
  • Finding a technical advisor
  • Compensation issues
  • And more.

Day 2 was an information marathon, and Nelly got right into the heart and soul of tech issues. Pricing and budgeting, choosing the best technology for your business and then moved right into project management techniques and tools using Agile Project Management techniques and methodologies. During the afternoon session, we covered: how to hire tech people and find technical co-founders, analytics and analytic tools, scaling and your company, and how to build a Tech Plan.

"You [Nelly] have a rare gift for making technical information accessible."
Candis Best
Educator/Founder, Learningateway

"A must do for any web-entrepreneur or digital curious person to learn the soup-to-nuts web processes."
Jaclyn Valero
Digital PM, Scrole

Everyone left with new ideas, new concept, and new strategies swirling in their heads after the whirlwind that is TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs. We look forward to bringing TechSpeak to a city near you and look forward to working with you in the very near future.

"This was a great workshop for me to gain overall information that is valuable for someone starting from scratch without the time to…assess what’s valuable from the ocean of information."
Shyanne Roeloffs
Entrepreneur, EnterTheSpace
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